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Regarding Inventory !!!
« on: May 27, 2014, 02:41:04 am »
I'm sorry if this have been asked before, but I search the word "inventory", but does not have the one I was looking for.

I was using samba pos since 2.X and haven't try 3.X because it has all the feature I was looking for.
However, as time pass by, I think we need some feature add regarding inventory.

1> It would be nice to have a reminder of the critical number of item we have in our inventory.
For example: I bought 100 bottles of coke, and I want a reminder when the coke is less than a certain amount, let's say 20.
Thus, I will know when to order coke again. This would be critical if we have a lot of items.

2> Some item that we bought has an expiration date. It would be nice if we can input those expiration date as well and has a reminder when the item is near expiration date. Also it would be nice the the inventory list can be sort base on expiration date as well.

Basically, that's all I want to suggest regarding the inventory!

Thanks for your time !!!